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Some exciting news…

Folks, a brief sojourn away from food chat to tell you some very exciting news about the blog…

blowyourowncrumpet is now the very proud owner of a ‘Favourite Blog Award‘ from!


Sew White favourite blog award



As a fledgling blogger I’m totally thrilled about this as it’s nice to know someone might actually quite like the thing that you’re investing your time and effort in. And I’ll be completely honest, I do hope that this may bring a few more readers and followers to the blog. is a great website which sells lots of lovely baking and crafting things. It’s described as being ideal for ‘people who love modern, traditional design and happy, enjoyable products’. Sounds good to me! Sisley, the owner of is also a very keen baker and maker and you can see some of the things she’s made on the website and also on her blog You should go on and have a look.

I’m completely over the moon that Sisley has given me this award…I’m totally chuffed to bits to be honest! Now me and my grinning face are heading back to the kitchen…

Karen x

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