My name is Karen.  I am a feeder…so to speak!


I’m obsessed with all things food, cooking and eating.  I live in Aberdeenshire but hail from Glasgow, the city which has given me some of my greatest culinary loves including the Morton’s well-fired roll, a special fish from The Philadelphia, and an appreciation of foods from every corner and coast of the globe.

I’m the antithesis of a food snob.  Some of the best food I’ve eaten has been bought from stalls on the street, not Michelin-starred restaurants.  That said, I’ll never refuse a feed in said restaurants!

I love drink almost as much as I love food and I have a real passion for old school cocktails.

I live with my beloved Westie Archie and equally beloved fiancé Bobert.  The three of us share a love of good grub.

I’m the co-founder of Aberdeen’s first, and I believe only, bake club, Pinnies & Petticoats.  If you’d like more information on that please let me know.

I’m PR-friendly so feel free to contact me at misskazzieb@icloud.com or via Twitter @MissKazzieB

Writing has been a passion most of my life so I hope you enjoy this blog.  Feel free to comment.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and in particular your recipes and food experiences.  If you’d like to contribute as a guest blogger please just ask.

Karen x





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